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Tensor Canada (Tensor Marketing Ltd.) is dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional multi-platform website/app/mini-program solutions, as well as advertising and marketing services targeting both the Chinese community and mainstream markets in North America. Serving traditional businesses in the region, we offer feature-rich and robust solutions. With a diverse product matrix spanning dozens of industries, over a hundred marketing services, a cluster of 4000+ servers, and official partnerships with local advertising platforms, we assist traditional North American enterprises in reducing operational costs, enhancing efficiency, and boosting profitability during the era of new retail. Our goal is to support businesses in their digital transformation and upgrade.

We are committed to researching machine learning systems and cross-platform optimization mechanisms, providing small and medium-sized business owners in North America with comprehensive and integrated marketing management solutions.

partner / director

roger zhang.

10+ years Professional Licensed Full-Stack Developer and Advertising Expert, formerly served as the Technical Partner of a listed company.


partner / vice president

edward smith.

10+ Years PPC and paid media buying team lead experience. AWS and Bigquery Master. Professional business analytics and data-driven analytics.

He loves working with strategic thinking and new opportunities brought by AI.

“When I looked into data, I saw tons of opportunities and insights. Choosing the best ones for my clients is the happiest of my work.”

— Edward Smith

technical lead

hill zhang.

Ph.D. in Computer Science from Peking University with over 30 years of experience as a Full-Stack Development Team Lead.

Hill spearheaded the development of large-scale Tensor Core AI on-device models, along with the Tensor Core-X Algorithm System. Which offering robust data analysis and trend support, he significantly boosts Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for results-driven advertising campaigns.

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